6 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Household Bugs

6 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Common Household Bugs

It is very irritating to have household bugs around your home. Some people even see it as a nightmare to see bugs inside their house and may even go to the extent of involving the best professional services to get rid of them.

But without involving professional pest controllers, there are simple ways to get rid of household bugs. Some of these bugs are poisonous, and by coming in contact with edible things can infect them with bacteria, and so on can get them off the house with these simple methods:

  1. Make Sure Your House is Clean

Most times, household bugs are attracted to dirty and unkempt homes. For instance, if you always leave your sink dirty with unwashed dishes and pots. If you cannot do this cleaning yourself, you employ the best cleaning services to do that for you. 

You will rarely see a bug in a spotlessly clean house because specks of dirt are the major attractions of household bugs. So, by cleaning your house, you will reduce the probability of bugs finding their way to your house. 

  1. Repair Openings and Holes

Household bugs have a way of coming into your house, and this through holes and openings around your house. Look around your house, find out if there are openings and holes around, and then make efforts to repair them to prevent them from coming inside the house from outside. Also, check for torn windows screen and wall cracks and have them repaired immediately as these are the pathways through which they find their ways inside. 

  1. Keep Food Items Away

The bugs around your home are not attracted to you; they are attracted to the food droplets or open food items to feed on. Make sure that you put away food items you don’t need at the moment in tight containers to prevent them from gaining access.

  1. Spray Insecticide Around

This is the major way people use to get rid of bugs in their homes. By spraying quality insecticides that are effective leads to the death of these stubborn household bugs and helps you in the eradication. You can research the best Insecticide to use if you don’t know of that. 

  1. Keep Your House Dry

Dirty water is another thing that bugs find attractive. This is even their breeding ground. Places to check out for dirty water are the pipes in the kitchen and bathroom because sometimes they may be leakages that attract these bugs. 

  1. Make Use of Natural Methods

You can also make use of natural means to get rid of household bugs. Some of them cannot stand the smell of some plants or vegetables, and it drives them away from your house. Some are vinegar, black pepper, mint, cinnamon, turmeric, and other vegetables/plants. 


Having bugs around the house is a terrible experience, so many people are curious to know how to drive them away from their homes. Keeping your house clean and dry, repairing openings, and using insecticides can eliminate these bugs from your household.