8 DIY Playground Ideas Your Kids Will Surely Love On Your Backyard

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By giving your kids a place out in your backyard, you’re giving them the opportunity to play, explore, experience and discover the joys of childhood. Once you’ve made up your mind of providing your child with a dedicated space for their play, you can now start planning on the things you can add to your yard.

It would be best to choose ideas that are safe, easy to create and those that can cater to activities your child would enjoy. If you have no idea on how to this, you can always get a professional landscaper.

If you’re not an expert yourself and have no idea how to turn your yard into a beautiful playground, then it would be best to get a professional to help you with your project. Depending on what you plan to include in your yard, a landscaper can provide you with solutions that can match your concept.

Get yourself an expert to do your landscape design Perth, and he should be able to incorporate innovative ideas to make your new backyard playground work. Whether you’re planning on creating the playground from scratch or not, there will always be a reliable landscaper that can create a design for your newest home improvement project.


Some children love to draw using anything on entirely any surface. If their artistic touch is driving you crazy, then give them a place where they can freely do their doodles. Use an oversized chalkboard and install it on your fence or put it somewhere stable. Grab a container such as a bucket and sneak in some giant chalkboards.

Teepee Tent

If you already have a teepee tent for your kid inside your home, consider taking it outside. This way, your little bundle of joy will have a nook in your backyard where he can play, read or just chill. You can also make one if you have time. There are lots of tutorials online that can give you an idea of how to make a DIY no-sew teepee tent in your yard.

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One way is by gathering PVC pipes, caps, couplings, canvas cloths, Heat’N Bond iron-on adhesive, wood grain contact paper, sisal ropes, heavy-duty snap tools and some other craft items like saw, scissors, hot glue, hammer and marker. Using these products, you can already create a DIY teepee hut. Add finishing touches like blankets, pillows, fairy lights and garlands.

Tree House

Every child loves tree houses, so why not have one at your backyard? As long as you have a tree for it, then you can make a tree house for your child. There are lots of ways to build it, and many styles to copy from the internet.


There’s nothing like having fun at the beach, but that won’t always be possible. The good thing is, the children love playing on sandboxes, and instead of taking them to the nearest beach or your local playground, you can have one set up in your yard.

You can make a sturdy sandbox by using materials like marine-grade ropes, and pressure treated boards, galvanised screws and tools like a circular saw and a drill. You can put kid-safe sand once the sandbox is ready along with pails, toy shovels and create shade for your sandbox, and even have a small pool next to it.

DIY Tire Swing

A swing is something the kiddos and those young at heart can enjoy at any time of the day. The rush one feels when the swing soars through the air gives you a feeling of freedom and an idea of how it’s like to fly. This is perhaps the reason why many of us still love the idea of riding a swing.

One can always create one yourself using an old tire, steel chains or ropes and other materials. Got an old chair with broken legs? You can also use that for your next sewing project. You can recreate this classic outdoor idea in no time – just make sure the foundation can take in the weight or your child.

Inflatable Outdoor Lounge

One of the easiest outdoor projects you can complete in no time would be an outdoor lounge made of inflatable outdoor kiddie pools. Buy an inflatable pool that can accommodate your child. Fill it with air, bring out old blankets and colourful pillows and place them inside the pool. Now your child has an instant lounge of his own.

Giant Bubble Maker

If your kid loves playing with bubbles, then imagine how delightful it would be for them to recreate giant bubbles outdoors! The materials are not expensive, and you might even make them already back at home.

All you need is are lots of bubble solution, a plastic pool and a hula hoop. You can even create homemade bubbles, thanks to recipes you can easily find online.

Water Walls

Most kids love playing with water, and what a safer way to let them do so than creating a water wall made of recycled materials? This is an easy project you can recreate within minutes.

Gather old plastic bottles and containers, and use old wooden furniture as your base. Nail your plastic bottles and containers into a plank of wood after creating holes and lining things up to create a flow. Place a large plastic container below the water wall to recycle the water. Give your kids a dipper or another bottle that can use to scoop water.

Making your kid’s dream playground shouldn’t be that hard, as long as you are patient, has a creative mind and have the right tools and materials to make it happen. Draft a plan, stick to your budget, consult a professional and ask for help as needed. Make it a point to include your son or daughter in the planning and creation process as this is also an excellent way to bond and get to know more about your child.

Which of these excellent ideas made it to the list of your future backyard playground projects?