Basement Trends for 2021

10 Top Trends In Basement Wet Bar Design For 2021 | Sebring Design Build

Basement projects are such an exciting home improvement project for homeowners to embark on because they open up so many possibilities for the additional space.  Basements used to be a utilitarian space in the home but over the past couple of decades savvy  homeowners have repurposed the additional square footage into livable space for their growing needs.  As home sizes have continued to trend upward, the expectations for the amount of room a home should have has increased along with it. In fact the average home in the 70s was just 1500 square feet.  Compare that to the average home in the 2010s at almost 2400 square feet and you’ll have a firm idea about the huge shift in trends for home sizes.

For homeowners living in older homes, the additional square footage has come in one of 3 main ways: finishing the basement and for homes without a basement, adding a bedroom, or converting a garage.  

Basement finishing and remodeling has allowed homeowners to complete the picture they have about what their home should include.  

Below are some of the top trends for basement conversions for 2021.  They are largely influenced by the impact of COVID and people’s experiences with figuring out how to make their home meet all of their needs.

A major trend in home basement finishing projects is the addition of a home gym.  With more time on their hands and lots of energy to burn, people took up new exercise routines to stay healthy, deal with stress and make up for the time spent at home.  With these home gyms, people have incorporated the use of epoxy coating or rubber flooring.

Another popular pick is the additional living room for the kids.  With kids and parents confined to their homes for many months either taking classes or working from home, providing a separate area for each to relax, spend time and do their work was seen as a necessity.  These additional living rooms have incorporated the use of study nooks as well as space for a play area for the kids to unwind when done with school.

“Adult living rooms”, or basement bars, are another popular choice.  Sometimes the adults just cede the main floor living room and den to the kids and take the basement for themselves.   Being able to have happy hour at home makes it easier to stay safe and to save money while still socializing.  Basement bars are a popular choice, especially since so many people have started home brewing their own beer.  No better place to enjoy home brewed beer than at your own bar!  Not only this, but during football season in particular having a bar and a big screen tv in the basement makes it the perfect place to invite people over to watch the game.

Basement home offices are a trend that has exploded over the past year or so.  There obviously has been a huge shift in the workforce with more people working from home full-time or on a part time basis.  This has made it so that families are trying to do school and work all in the same rooms.  Obviously, this hasn’t been ideal for some and has prompted many to finish their basement so they can carve out an office space to do their work.  The usual layout includes a separate, enclosed room to serve as an office, with the rest of the basement is on an open floor plan. This allows for multi-use situations and makes the space more functional once work habits and routines return to pre-COVID conditions.