Hard-wearing Cowhide Rugs Make a Great Choice for Busy Households


Cowhide Rugs Are Tough and Gorgeous
It’s not easy to dispute the power of cow hide. That’s probably why the cow rug phenomenon comes as no shock to anyone. Cowhide rugs are popping up in all of the most stylish homes around the globe. People who are lucky enough to get glimpses inside of spaces all around the planet have seen them. These rugs regularly make appearances in homes and businesses in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia. They’re permanent presences in many of these places, too.

What makes cow hide so alluring and impressive? This type of animal skin, first and foremost, is amazingly sturdy. Materials that are this attractive and this resilient simultaneously aren’t exactly easy to stumble upon these days. This combination of strength and visual splendor is rare and pleasing. Cow skin is commonly seen in interior design thanks to its plentiful … Read More