Discover the Coolest Offices in the UK for 2019

We all know that looks are not everything but having a work environment that is appealing to the eye and fun can make a big difference in your performance when you spend a great deal of time there. Employees in the UK are starting to expect more than just some free coffee or tea. They want to spend their workday in an environment that motivates them and inspires them to do their best.

Here are five offices in the UK that are worth knowing about:

1. Dr. Martens

Music is the centre of this office brand found in Camden. The reception area has a wall with a massive amp and the meeting rooms are designed with Punk, Indie, and reggae music themes. Some of the social spaces located there have stages with bleacher seating, a video wall, and a drum kit. They also have recording rooms with sound protection and it even includes a sign that flashes ‘on-air’.

Other amenities include delivery milkshakes, a quality coffee machine, and well-being rooms. Some of the staff have commented that they work with amazing people, great benefits, and a brand that is highly respected. Customers and staff both say that the company really cares about them.

2. Reward Gateway

The design of this office was an 18-month project which was designed to promote a company that strives to help customers engage, attract, and retain their employees. The staff that works there can choose where they want to sit instead of being assigned a specific desk. The bathrooms are gender-neutral and fashioned after a Danish company. The cafe is themed with the notion of being brave.

According to employees the company promotes an environment that allows flexible working schedules, it brings out the best in its staff, and it offers great benefits. They say that after you’ve been there for a while you might take some of those things for granted but it makes a huge difference in how happy you are with your job. They also like that they are not required to wear a suit.


This company’s headquarters is in Camden at what was once a tobacco factory. Inspired by a commercial property in Farnham, the atmosphere is very art deco with its modern furnishings, natural lighting, patterned wallpaper, and a funky style. Employees say that the company gives them the freedom to come up with fresh ideas. The people are great to work with and the leaders are inspiring. The managers don’t micromanage or dictate. The location is great, the office space is great, and the benefits are terrific.

4. Gamesys

Here there’s a giant monkey that welcomes you when you enter the reception area along with all the sweets you can eat. In the break area is a fridge that is stocked with beer, wine, and soft drinks and it includes a pool table. In the wintertime, there are circus acts and Mexican wrestlers there to celebrate the Christmas season. This office is the personification of fun and super cool place to work.

Employees say that salaries are very competitive and the benefits are amazing. The work environment is diverse and enjoyable. The overall outlook of the company is unique.

5. Skyscanner

This company promotes the idea of experimenting. It offers workspaces that are quirky which includes what they call ‘squad rooms’. They provide people with dedicated spaces that are horizontal pods. The company provides Tuesday night yoga, they have Xbox and foosball in the office, and there’s even table tennis.

The employees say it’s a great place to work. Not only does the company offer terrific benefits but also it provides gym discounts, mindfulness classes, yoga, and terrific health and pension plans. The squads work on hard problems together alongside project managers and designers. There are also great engineers and the environment is autonomous.