Exciting And Breathtaking Adventure Tourism in Rajasthan

Aside from the historical places and monuments as well as the rich culture and lifestyle, let’s take a look at the other side of Rajasthan that is, being the perfect destination for adventure. You will find in Rajasthan the most exciting and breathtaking adventures that you’ve never been experienced in your entire life.

Rajasthan, a state that is located in North-Western portion of India is the biggest state by area. The state has a combination of desert area in the west and Aravali Mountain ranges and plains in other portions. Rajasthan shares its borders with Pakistan, Pradesh, Madhya, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

Adventure tourism is also considered as commercial recreation or nature-based tourism. It involves individuals experiencing and enjoying with the nature through different guided outdoor activities. If you are looking for a full adventure, well, Rajasthan is the best place to be.

Adventure Rajasthan Tours

The spirit of bravery and adventure has always been an important part of life. Most probably, nature adventure one of the main sources of excitement for individuals. Even though time changes, the quest for adventure is still there. So, if you can, resist the call of adventure, visit Rajasthan.

In addition to being a state of extravagant palaces, fantastic forts and heritage and culture, Rajasthan has another world-class feature, that is, being a destination for tourism adventure. With its appealing expanses of Thar Desert and numerous national parks as well as wildlife sanctuaries, Rajasthan is a perfect for an adventurous holiday.

Adventures in Rajasthan Travels

Camel Safari

Rajasthan Tourism invites you to experience the adventure of a Camel Safari, which will bring you to the golden sands of the huge Thar Desert. In destinations as Thar Desert, camels are the only way of transportation in isolated places.

Elephant Safari

Riding an elephant will definitely bring you back to the royal period, the time when only the kings used to ride on these majestic beasts. The elephants in Rajasthan are equipped with a large seat called howdah, where tourist can sit. They also have complete soft silk cushions with a ceremonial umbrella over the head of the riders.

Jeep Safari

It is yet another well known and unusual form of safari like elephant, horses and camels. The Jeep safari is not only refreshing for you but it will also take you close to nature while driving through the attractive and quiet countryside of Rajasthan. This is a relaxing experience but rugged and filled with excitement and adventure when compared to horse or camel safari.

Mountain Trekking in Rajasthan

Trekking is also one of the most popular adventures in Rajasthan. The mountain ranges of Rajasthan offer exciting and breathtaking mountain trekking trips. The rough beauty of these lofty mountains is attracting visitors and tourists from other places of the globe.

Wildlife Adventure in Rajasthan

An amazing variety of flora and fauna have grown across the extremely varied vegetation in the huge state. Rajasthan has numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries with attracts thousands of travelers and tourists from across the globe.

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Now, you already see that Rajasthan is not just popularized by its grandiose palaces, historical monuments and places, delicious cuisines, rich culture and lifestyle, but is also known as one the best place to go if you’re searching for peculiar yet exciting and breathtaking adventures that you’ve never experienced in your whole life. So, visit Rajasthan and have a fun filled excitement and enjoyable stay in this state.