Follow these five steps for a beautiful garden during fall

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Summer has already come to an end and that means that all the beautiful summer flowers no longer bloom as beautifully as they did. Time to take care of the garden and prepare it for the colder seasons. There are many different factors to consider. With these five steps we will help you on your way to a beautiful, pleasant garden for autumn and winter! Read on quickly!


Shrubs and hedges should be pruned when winter is coming. This way you ensure that they are young and beautiful again when spring arrives. This also ensures that they do not grow wild. Find out for each plant how short you can prune them, because it can differ greatly between different species. Make sure you have good pruning tools. And don’t forget to mow your lawn!

Plant reorganisation

Autumn is the time to replace plants. It is often not very cold yet, so plants can easily get used to a new place. So you can redesign your entire garden, and you will have a whole new garden next spring. Now that you’re busy replacing your plants, you can also easily put some beautiful new plants in your garden. Go for beautiful autumn or winter bloomers so that your garden is also nice and colourful in winter!

Get those plants inside

In addition to replacing plants and pick out new plants for your garden, there are also plants that don’t like the cold weather. That is why you need to consider which plants cannot withstand cold and frost. These plants really have to be placed inside, otherwise they probably won’t survive the winter. For example, put them in the attic or in a shed that is frost-free. If this is not possible for you, you can also wrap them well in plastic or in a special cover for plants.


Of course it is getting dark faster and faster during autumn and winter. That is why you should also think about the lighting in your garden. You might want to do something outside in the evening that requires good lighting, such as replacing your plants. Or maybe the temperature is still so good in autumn so you want to sit outside during the evening. So make sure you have good lighting in your garden. In addition, you should of course also think about the lighting you want in the garden during Christmas. Maybe you want a flagpole Christmas tree. You should take this into account when placing other lights in your garden.

Strong force against algae and moss

Finally, a slightly less fun job, but very necessary. Due to the humid weather and little sun, algae and moss can do their thing. So make sure you get good pesticides and take preventive action. In this way you ensure that your garden remains beautiful and you prevent slipperiness during winter due to the algae on the tiles.

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