Getting Ready to Apply For A Home Loan

If you have decided to make the plunge on buying a property, getting financing is going to quickly be on your horizon. Here are some tips to getting ready to apply for it.

Research is the first step of the home loan application process. Familiarity with your budget, the type of desired property, and the type of mortgage that will work best for you are some of the vital things necessary to apply for a mortgage.

A solid credit history can be one of the most vital factors in snagging the ultimate property. Mortgage borrowers often go through their credit report with a red ink pen in full mode to dispute any charges made in error. In fact, more than forty percent of all credit reports contain at least one error. Before you apply for a mortgage, pay off all credit cards with low or outstanding balance. Mortgage lenders follow applicants presumed as “credit happy” with a wandering eye; refrain from opening any new credit card accounts in the months just before you apply for a mortgage.

Mortgage lenders pride themselves on asking hard-hitting questions. Lending representatives want to become chock-full of information on a mortgage applicant before making the decision to stamp their loan application with APPROVED or DENIED. Information regarding income is one of four areas of central concern for lenders when you apply for a mortgage. Lenders are interested in pay stubs covering the last thirty days, as well as more unconventional sources of income. Copies of divorce settlements, income from spousal and child support payments, monthly investment statements, and bank statements covering the last three months are additional forms of income verification necessary to apply for a mortgage. Some of the income documentation possibly required by a mortgage lender include:

1. W-2 Forms covering the past two years.

2. Award letter from the Social Security Administration

3. Pension Award Letter

Access to assets may just come in handy when it the time arrives for property closing and when it is time to apply for a mortgage, as well. Evidence of assets is customarily incorporated as a part of the mortgage application process. Checking account statements covering the past three months can serve as documentation to verify that a loan applicant has access to sufficient funds for property closing.

When you apply for a mortgage, lenders want to know about other financial obligations, aside from credit card accounts, that have already been taken on. Child support debts, monthly amounts of spousal support, and other payments in particular are influential in the mortgage application process. Mortgage applicants will need a fully executed copy of a Divorce Decree, or another court order, to validate such debts.

At the end of the day, applying for a loan is all about getting your financial house in order. Make sure to check up on it prior to making an offer on a home. Getting pre-approved for your loan always makes sense.

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