Hiring The Best Plastering Company In Queensland

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Are you renovating and need to find a plastering company?

Finding the best plasterer for your home renovation will always come down to researching.

Plastering contractors will have different strengths. Some may deal with commercial work, some may only do new home builds, and others will love doing renovation and restoration work and blending the new work with the existing structures.

If you are looking for a renovation plastering team, start by researching different plasterers in your area. You can check out their online reviews and ratings online or ask friends, family, or other building professionals for their recommendations.

Once you have a couple of plastering teams to choose from, see what their communication is like. If they are easy to contact and schedule a quote, then you know they have a customer service process.

Ensure that when quoting, you point out all the areas they may be working on and warn them of what the build will entail, so they are aware of different trades and timelines they will be working around.

Compare the quotes you receive to determine which plasterer offers the best value for the work you need done and consider other factors: In addition to cost, you should also consider other factors such as the plasterer’s experience, reputation, and communication skills.

Also, check previous work they have done. For example, they may have a project gallery if they have a website. If they have worked locally for you – You can see their work by contacting a previous client.

Make your decision: Based on all the information you have gathered, choose the plasterer you feel will do the best job for your home renovation.

Quality Plastering Services

For restoration work, look for a plastering team that works closely with a painting team or may have painters.

You will know that the two trades will work closely to ensure that you get the finish you need for the renovation and painting.

What are the finish levels in plastering?

The finish level refers to the smoothness and finish of the plaster surface after it has been applied. 

There are four typical finish levels for plastering:

  1. Level 1 (rough finish): This is the most basic level of finish and is typically used for surfaces that will be hidden or covered, such as behind drywall or under tiles. It is characterised by a rough, uneven surface that is not intended to be seen.
  2. Level 2 (semi-rough finish): This is a slightly smoother finish than level 1 and is used for surfaces that will be covered with a thin skim coat or paint. It has a smoother surface than level 1 but may still have some imperfections and roughness.
  3. Level 3 (semi-smooth finish): This is a medium finish and is typically used for surfaces that will be painted or papered. It will have a relatively smooth surface with minimal imperfections but may still have some roughness or texture.
  4. Level 4 (smooth finish): This is the highest level of finish and is typically used for surfaces that will be left exposed, such as walls or ceilings in high-end residential or commercial buildings. A very smooth surface characterises it with minimal imperfections and a high level of finish.

The higher the finish level, the more time and effort it will take to achieve it, and the more expensive it will be. 

The appropriate finish level will depend on the intended use and appearance of the surface, as well as the budget and time constraints of the project.

Using an experienced painter will also help you select the right paint.

Some paints and the application method used can help minimise imperfections in the finish, which may be helpful when blending new walls or ceilings with existing structures.


We’re Dedicated to Providing Quality Plastering Services

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Hiring The Right Plastering Team

We hope you have learned a little about our company and what we do. We pride ourselves on providing quality painting and plastering services to our clients. 

If you need these services, please contact us. We would be happy to give you a free estimate.

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