How to be a virtual bookkeeper with no prior experience?

How to Become a Bookkeeper in 2021 with No Experience - Tried & Tested

The demand for virtual bookkeepers has been increasing day by day, and if you are looking for a sustainable career to pursue, you would not want to miss this opportunity. But what if you want to become one without having any type of experience and knowledge in the field? Would you be able to become a successful virtual bookkeeper to take care of the finances of a business? Well, it might seem very hard, but it actually is not! The best thing is, virtual bookkeepers do not even require a formal degree. All that matters is your skill and what you can offer to a business. 

So let’s check how you can learn bookkeeping online and be successful without having any prior experience!

A guide to becoming a virtual bookkeeper without any experience!

Follow the things mentioned below, and you will get to know how to become a virtual bookkeeper without any experience!

  1. Go for paid or free courses!

Yes, you can actually become a virtual bookkeeper just by going for the paid or free courses. If you are willing to spend on your better future, you can find the courses that are paid and detailed. If not, there are hundreds of free virtual bookkeeping courses available online that you can opt for. You can also explore the bookkeeping world and see the services provided online within this particular niche. This is how you will actually get to know what is important and what is not!

  1. Train yourself

After learning all the basics and essentials of bookkeeping, you will have to train yourself and see how efficient you are. This is very important because you do not have any experience and you will have to train yourself in order to move forward. You can watch videos, take examples from the internet, or try to do small projects for free. 

  1. Get yourself familiar with the needed tools!

Online bookkeeping requires a few software and programs that you should know how to use. So install them on your computer and start exploring their functions and features. If you are stuck anywhere, the internet is your best friend to sort out your issues and provide you with a clear path.

  1. Work as a trainee

As you have now got yourself familiar with the needed tools and the basics of virtual bookkeeping, you will have to jump into the actual industry. But as for the starters, it is not a good idea to go for a full-fledged job. You should find an opportunity where they are entertaining trainees so that you can have hands-on experience.

  1. Find a full/part-time bookkeeping job!

As for the final part, you are actually ready to be a virtual bookkeeper. Now you will have to find different freelancing platforms where you can find bookkeeping jobs. Opt for the ones that are good for your skills and mindset, and you will surely be able to prosper in the end.


See, this is how convenient it is to become a virtual bookkeeper. But surely, if you do not go on the right path, your whole experience will be messed up, and you won’t be able to fulfill your goals.