How to Choose Kitchen Furniture Correctly?

Top drawer, kitchen buffet, column, condiment shelf, under sink cabinet, high cabinet: choosingthe right kitchen furniture begins with selecting its type. The choice of the material determines the maintenance, the design and the price of each product… Between wood andFormica furniture, the difference is noticeable.

Opt for Functional and Aesthetic Kitchen Furniture

We all know that the aesthetics of the furniture plays a very important role in your choice. But it is advised to be careful not to neglect their functional aspect. Your new furniture must meet some essential criteria. First of all, it is primordial to take into account the famous triangle of activity to facilitate the accessibility to the kitchen. There is what is called in the jargon as the triangle of activity rule. It means that your refrigerator, oven and sink must be positioned insucha way as to reduce your movement in the room while cooking.

You can put the hot space (oven, hob) in a corner and the cold space (fridge, sink) at the other side of the kitchen. It’s not for you to adapt yourself to your kitchen but the other way around. Use low elements if you are small, and high and raised furnitureif you are rather tall (especially the sink and the worktop). If you have kids or just want to secure the edges of the furniture or fragile utensils, you can purchase polyethylene foam insulation.

Make sure to choose kitchen furniture which are easy to maintain. Whether you are a novice or a real cordon bleu, you will not be able to fight against splashes of fat and water splashing on your beautiful kitchen furniture. The best solution for that is to buy easy-care materials that can be wiped out in one blow.

How to Position the Kitchen Furniture?

Depending on the configuration of your kitchen, the elements will not be placed in the same way. So in the first place, you should determine the locations of the water inlets, the gas, the electricity and evacuation before choosing the installation spot of any household appliance. This advice is especially important for the hood, unless you have a recycled model. It is also crucial to measure the space that will receive the furniture by considering the shape of the room.

Choose the Material

Flagship product of the 70’s in terms of interior decoration, Formica is back in force! Just like laminate, it is resistant and easy to maintain. On the other hand, wood will bring softness and charm to your kitchen. Often protected by a varnish or stain, it is also simple to clean. Its price varies according to its quality and design. Stainless steel is another alternative. Plus, it is robust, sustainable and very hygienic.