How To Select The Best Bathroom Floorings For Your Home

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Does your bathroom floors need a lot of catching up to do? Then make sure to give them a much-needed makeover! Choosing the best bathroom flooring for your home can be a bit tricky. With all the options out in the market, how can you make the right choice?

First of all, there are things you need to consider before making the final choice, and these are the following.

  •    Your budget – how much you’re willing or how much you can afford to spend on your new bathroom floors.
  •    Importance of the flooring’s visual appeal and durability– how much do you value your bathroom floors’ aesthetics and durability.
  •    Your bathroom’s temperature and humidity – what is the usual climate and temperature on your bathroom.
  •    The installation method of your choice – are you planning on taking the DIY approach or hire a professional to install your new floorings.
  •   Bathroom floor maintenance– whether your flooring of choice is low and high maintenance, and whether you can keep up with the demand.

The next thing is to know your options. Let’s talk about the top 3 contenders when it comes to bathroom floorings, their pros and their cons.

Ceramic Tiles

Many choose ceramic tiles as their go-to option when it comes to bathroom floorings because you can choose from different styles and colours. They are also easy to maintain, are durable and resistant to stain.

Ceramic tiles, however, are not easy to install, which means you’ll most likely need to hire a professional to do it for you. Another downside is that they are hard, slippery and not to mention cold. One has to invest on a radiant floor heating system for your bath, or put on warm slippers while inside the bathroom.

Natural Stones

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Natural stone tiles are highly durable and require less maintenance. They can be made from granite, marble, slate and limestone which delivers them easy on the eyes. There are many options available in different styles and colours.

Like ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles are slippery when wet, cold when touched, which means your options would include wearing slippers on the bath or a heating system for your floors. Also, this type of flooring is high-maintenance, expensive, and professional installation is a must.

Engineered Wood Floorings

Flooring options made out of wood are fast-becoming a trend since more people nowadays are becoming more environment-conscious. Unknown to many, engineered wood floorings such as oak floorings are the most highly sustainable floorings compared to other floor options.

These are water-resistant, stable, can withstand heat, easy to install over your old bathroom flooring and a wide variety of options are available. It adds warmth and elegance to your bath and a unique sense of tranquillity. Maintenance is vital in keeping your wood floorings looking pretty and longer-lasting.

hile the price can go up depending on the wood flooring you will choose, the benefits will always outweigh the cons. If you have your heart set on engineered wood floorings, you can find the best supplier of Timber Flooring Melbourne.

Now that you know the things you need to consider in choosing your bathroom flooring and what the cons and pros are of the top three in-demand floor options this 2018, you can now make the best decision. Make sure to check the lists above on your bathroom flooring improvement project!