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Landscaping has its origin from ancient archeology. It has been practiced all over the world. European gardens got their inspiration from the Roman era. Egyptians and Persians introduced various gardening techniques. Islamic gardens from the Middle East enhanced the beauty of their architecture of turning desert lands into stunning paradise. The landscaped gardens of the Asian countries were also well preserved and documented in countries like China, Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia.

Each of these countries has different landscaping techniques. Landscaping is combined with religious tradition and belief to enhance meditation plus the present elements from stones, trees, plants, and water.

Landscaping Today

Landscaping designs evolved, and hundreds of techniques developed. There are two categories of landscapes today. They are softscaping and hardscaping. Softscaping involves the living elements of the landscape, which include flowers, trees, and shrubs. Hardscaping category is the use of non-living things such as stones, statues, and patios.

Homeowners take pride in landscaped lawns and yards. With new inventions and technological advancements, one can now display their landscape not only during the day but also at night. At night, homeowners can utilize and showcase the landscape featuring different outdoor lighting techniques.

Landscaping and Outdoor Lighting

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Several options are being followed by landscaping designers, but the choice still falls to the homeowner. A good landscape lighting has several features that can be applied by the designer. An outdoor lighting system can enhance the landscape. It should be multi-purpose, cost-effective, economical, safe, and maintenance-free. If you need assistance in knowing what will suit your garden best, simply type commercial electrician companies near me on your preferred search engine.

Types of Outdoor Lighting Systems 

Different outdoor lighting systems are available in the market. They are categorized based on different criteria, which helps you to choose depending on your specific needs. You may choose according to their energy source or according to your purpose.

According to Energy Source

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Solar Light

Solar type lighting systems are stand-alone systems. They use the energy of the sun to charge the energy storage system in the daytime. LED light technology is the best choice of bulb for a solar lighting system for its low power requirements. At nighttime, the stored energy becomes the energy to light the landscape.

However, there are also some disadvantages to this lighting system. A common disadvantage is the failure of the energy storage system to fully charge during cloudy weather or rainy season.

Low voltage lighting

This system uses a step-down voltage from the alternating current source. It is rectified to a direct current voltage to power low voltage light bulbs. This low voltage, compared to a higher voltage, will not pose a risk to personnel and animals. The introduction of LED light technology reduces power consumption.

According to Purpose

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Uplights or Post lights

This is the type of lighting on lamp posts for a wider range of coverage. Because of this, the placement of post lights is farther apart on driveways, walkways, paths, or lawn compared to other types of lighting.


Downlights mimics natural moonlight. It is usually hidden to put a focus on an item or shrubs that is unique.

Path lights

This type of light is used to highlight pathways. It is aligned to outline the edges of the walkways or patios.


This type of light is used to give a shadowy background of the object. Backlights produce artistic shadow outlines by placing them at the back of statues or plants.

Takeaway Tip

Outdoor landscaping is a way for the homeowner to express and appreciate the surrounding environment of the acquired property. The homeowner can present this landscape anytime, night or day to friends, relatives, and visitors by incorporating a landscape lighting system. Search online, type commercial electrician companies near me and set an appointment with your lighting company provider for an expert opinion.

Landscaping and Outdoor Lighting Systems: Your Key to A Beautiful Home