Make Sure These 5 Parts of the House are Safe When the Rainy Season Comes

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The change of the dry season to the rainy season often has an impact on the health of building houses. Residential parts, such as roofs and walls, are vulnerable to damage caused by the weather changes.

Now while the intensity of the rain has not increased, try to check again and do renovations if there are damaged parts of your home. For example, if your roof has damage, you should immediately call the roofing Oshkosh to repair it or even replace the roof with a new one to anticipate leaks when it rains.

Then, which parts of the house need to be considered when the rainy season arrives. Check out the discussion of the following tips.


Like the umbrella that provides shelter to its users, the roof of the house also serves to protect the occupants of the house inside. Therefore, good roof condition and not leaking becomes important.

For that, check the residential roof carefully. Did anyone shift or leak? Also check the ceiling in all rooms to make sure there are no brown stains, water seepage marks because the roof is leaking.


After checking the roof of the house, try to switch to the gutter section. Make sure there is no garbage or moss that has accumulated in the pipes so that the flow of rainwater can flow smoothly.

Try also to check the end of the gutter pipe to make sure there is no clogging waste. If there is trash, clean it immediately.

Make Sure the Lower Area is Safe

If you have a lower area in the house, such as a basement, immediately check every corner to make sure there are no leaking parts and no water seepage.

If the surface of your tread occupancy is lower than the road, check the waterways around the home environment. Anticipate by cleaning the gutter from the trash, so that rainwater does not flood the area in the house.

Clean the Water Channel

To anticipate the possibility of flooding, it is better from now on you clean the gutters in front of the house. Check every water channel around the house to make sure there is no more plastic waste or dry leaves piled up.

Trim the Tree in Front of the House

The shady tree in front of the house is very helpful to protect from the hot sun and is able to provide fresh air.

However, consider a branch hanging from the roof of your house. Trim the branches of the tree, so as not to damage the roof of your residence during the rainy season.