Needs vs. Desires in a Kitchen Remodel: A Guide to Your Dream Kitchen

Timeline of a Kitchen Remodel Part 1: Planning Your Dream Kitchen

Begin by considering what never-ending issues you have with the kitchen that you have now. Is the area too small for you? Is there a lack of capacity to accommodate food and dishes storage? Is your dining area to little for what your household needs? Do you have old appliances that are now inefficient? Or does your current kitchen just make you uncomfortable because it’s so out-of-date and unappealing?

Make a priority list of the features you want in your new kitchen, sorted from most important to least important. It is useful to distinguish between those elements that are absolutely necessary and those that are only desired for your kitchen remodeling plan.

Kitchen Remodeling: A Reality Check

Face the two realities of a kitchen remodeling project early on in your planning: the practicalities of the job and the cost involved.

If the work has been done by a kitchen remodeling contractor, you will have strangers walking through your home, generating noise and mess for weeks, if not months. If you plan to perform the work yourself, the downtime for the kitchen will almost certainly be significantly longer—and do you have the time and DIY abilities to complete this project?

Basic Kitchen Plans to Choose From 

Utilize one of these 5 traditional kitchen remodel design layouts even if you have a wide range of options. For ease of movement, all models include a version of the kitchen triangle, which is a well-known workflow structure.

• Double-L Design

• U-Shape Design

• One-Wall Design

• Corridor Design

• L-Shape Design

Most likely, one of these standard kitchen design plans will be the best fit for your new kitchen.

You can then look at various resources that will help you in making new blueprints for the design of your kitchen:

  • Kitchen design software: Online kitchen design software that is inexpensive or free might help you with the hard tasks of space planning.
  • Kitchen designers: Kitchen designers that work for home renovation companies or kitchen design stores usually do not charge you for their services. They will, however, direct you to their own suppliers and own work personnel. Because they have fewer restrictions, independent kitchen contractors Orlando and designers will have the most freedom and may be able to provide you with the best result. They will, however, bill you for their services either by the hour or as a percentage of the project’s total cost.
  • Kitchen remodeling company: The same general contractors that handle kitchen renovation projects may be able to help you plan your kitchen in the early phases, however, their design assistance will not be specific until you employ them. Most general contractors bidding on a work, on the other hand, would include comments and sometimes even plan sketches in their proposals. Simply speaking with kitchen remodeling contractors can improve in the clarification of your own designs.

Whether you designed your kitchen yourself or with the help of a designer, once you’ve decided on a layout and prepared drawings, it’s time to employ someone to bring your concepts to life. Make sure that the kitchen remodelers Orlando you hire are trustworthy and experienced. For your utmost convenience and improved material sourcing, a local contractor would be a better choice.

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