Parade of Homes to showcase 7 homes with latest design trends | Local News

Seven homes showcasing the latest design trends will be on display during the East Texas Builders Association’s Fall Parade of Homes.

Homes will be on display from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Friday through Sunday and Nov. 12-14. Tickets are $10 per person and are valid for all six days of the Parade of Homes.

The annual Parade of Homes is an optimal way for people to see the latest home products and trends as well as meet the builders who created the houses.

“I think it’s a great place to get ideas and walk through some homes. For me, when I can walk through a home, I get a little better feel about the space, size and the layout. You get a better idea of how the home feels,” said Allison Goforth of Goforth Custom Builders. The business was founded by her husband, Tommy Goforth.

The Goforths have one home on display in the fall Parade of Homes. It’s at 1293 Mont Hall Road in Hallsville. Allison Goforth said the home reflects the personality of the client for whom it was built.

“It’s very livable,” she said. “It’s very easy to feel at home when you walk into it.”

The home features a modern, farmhouse style with some shiplap throughout the house. It has an open concept living/dining space with a large island in the kitchen. There is also a room designed as a playroom that can convert to study space later on.

“It’s nice to have a flexible space that fits what we need it to be at the time,” she said.

Perry Waggoner, founder of Waggoner Custom Homes, said for those looking at building or remodeling, the Parade of Homes is a good place to find ideas and inspiration.

“It’s also a chance to look at somebody’s quality and craftsmanship,” he said.

Waggoner Custom Homes will have two houses on the Parade of Homes. One is at 3061 Walker’s Mill Road in Hallsville; the other is at 145 Affirmed Ave. in Longview.

At the Walker’s Mill Road home, Waggoner said the house sits about 900 feet off the road and his company will have three golf carts available to take people to the home. The interior of the home features many contemporary elements, a waterfall kitchen island and a utility room that features a dog washing shower. The home has many energy-efficient features and a variety of unique design elements.

Meanwhile, the home on Affirmed Avenue features a spacious chef’s kitchen, vaulted ceilings, a media room and a back porch with an outdoor kitchen. It also features two electric car connections for those who want to purchase one or two electric cars in the future.

Waggoner has been building homes for about nine years and said he believes in being transparent with his customers, especially in the cost of building the home.

“My goal is to give customers exactly what they are wanting,” he said.

Other builders featured on the fall Parade of Homes include Conaway Homes, Hamilton Group and Chris Hall Custom Homes. Tickets to the Parade of Homes may be purchased in person at any of the seven homes on the route or online at Tickets are valid all six days of the parade.

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