Portable Digital Media Players Make Movies & TV Look Good Anywhere

Portable digital media players are a great way to watch movies or TV anytime. They are small enough to carry like a cell phone, yet large enough for better viewing, without being cumbersome and heavy like a laptop. Easy portability and satisfying screen size bring the best of both worlds together.

Sizes of portable media players range from a smaller MP4 MP3 player with a screen up to 3″ to an Internet tablet with a screen up to 7″. Both can store and play high-resolution videos and movies in just a few clicks. Internet tablets can stream TV and download videos, some with the speed of a desktop with built in operating systems and Flash capability.

Playing Movies with Your MP3

High-resolution capability and wide screen viewing have revolutionized the interface of MP3 players. The old MP3 displays of scrolling menu song lists have evolved into virtual entertainment screens with vibrant colors and extreme definition far more sophisticated than cell phone displays. Holding rich textured movies and videos in your hand is an experience, further enhanced by easy touch screen navigation.

Movies Plus TV with the 無線網路分享器

Portable tablet media players let you access videos and movies or stream TV with the processing power of a netbook. Wherever you happen to be, you can access and display instantly the real time world of entertainment on just 5 inches of screen space.

Portable players with the best viewing experiences come through fully functional features like the latest 台灣大哥大 wifi connectivity and built-in mainstream operating systems. They should support almost any video or movie format, so downloading can be simple for the most technically challenged person. Ideally, they should also have access to numerous applications for browsing and downloading a wide spectrum of movies and international TV broadcasts. An internet tablet can be as close as your pocket or purse and stream every type of media from around the world without you ever having to open a web browser. You can watch sports, videos and podcasts from thousands of web TV and radio stations around the world and then switch to your favorite downloaded movie.

The high resolution, wide screen look of the MP4 MP3 player looks even better just a little bigger on a portable digital media player. Portable media has gotten sharp, vivid and efficient, redefining entertainment on the go.

Play Your Portable on Your Home HD TV

Everything on some portable media players can translate to a big screen TV. So with a basic connection, you can watch anything you’ve downloaded on your tablet on your home television. You can even record cable shows from your HD television and download them to your tablet to watch later on the go.

Movies and videos on the go move with a variety of lifestyles and play best on the latest slim-size portable media player, from a wifi 出國 mp3 player to an Internet tablet.