Shou Sugi Ban Cladding: Everything You Should Know

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Shou Sugi Ban cladding adds an exquisite and timeless look to any building. Yakisugi, Japanese burned wood cladding, or black timber cladding are other names. Shou Sugi Ban is a traditional Japanese fire-charring technique. The technique creates a black carbon coating on the wood boards that preserves them and minimises maintenance needs. Here’s what shou sugi ban cladding is. 

What Is Shou Sugi Ban Cladding?

Shou Sugi Ban was developed in 18th-century Japan as a way of charring cedar to preserve, waterproof, and colour the wood, giving it resistance to UV rays from the sun, insects, rot, and fire. The overall appearance of the cladding is uniform and dark, yet every wood is distinct. Moreover, an astonishing spectrum of silver tones, blue, and subtle purple show against the charcoal black, bringing out the grain and texture of the wood. After that, the resulting surface texture may be polished or left raw. 

How Does The Shou Sugi Ban Cladding Process Work?

The technique begins by equally charring the timber on both sides to prevent it from twisting out of form due to the heat. Excess carbon may then be eliminated to texture and clean the wood. Once the wood has cooled, it could be treated with natural oil to seal and preserve it from dust, moisture, and humidity fluctuations.

In addition, because the technique is inaccurate, there will be subtle surface burn differences along the board length, which contribute to the distinctive qualities. Charring the exterior surface draws out the depth of the wood and the grain boundary while altering the severity of the burning procedure in various finishes, ranging from a classic heavily charred appearance to a sleeker, more modern brushing appearance.

Which Kind Of Wood Do You Use For Shou Sugi Ban?

The following timber species are appropriate for charring:

  • Western red cedar
  • Douglas fir
  • Oak

The tougher the wood, the more robust it will be, and the better it will endure the elements while maintaining its appearance. Siberian larch is the most commonly employed wood. However, two other timbers are suggested that are hands down the finest in strength and looks.

What Are The Advantages Of Shou Sugi Ban Cladding?

Here are some of the benefits that Shou Sugi Ban Cladding offers:: 

  • It Is Available In A Wide Range Of Textures And Colours

While charring wood may appear straightforward, various procedures exist for achieving Shou Sugi Ban. Most sets necessitate a small amount of scorching or distressing of the wood to achieve a diversity of colours within a single piece. It is critical to understand that not all products are made equal, just as not all wood burns in the same manner.

  • Its Styles And Structures Are Endless

Since Shou Sugi Ban cladding is made of natural wood siding, the designs and patterns are practically limitless. The use of thin cut boards, accentuated by the look of charred wood, is a hallmark of ancient and modern Japanese architecture. Burnt wood cladding can be utilised in various ways, making it a perfect option for one-of-a-kind siding and wall covering ideas.

  • It Enhances The Scenic Appearance Of Wood

Black timber cladding is an excellent option for uses and designs that need the charm of wood but also a sense of mystery. The numerous charring procedures highlight the natural grain, providing it with an excellent companion to traditional wood and a great contrast to more modern materials like metal and glass. The beautiful grain, accentuated by the Shou Sugi Ban technique, is a simple way to create a one-of-a-kind pattern that will stand out.

  • It Can Be Used Outside

The black timber cladding technique is not harmful to the environment and doesn’t contribute to pollution. This siding includes no toxins that could leach into the surroundings and is thus suitable for homes with kids.

  • It Is An Excellent Choice For Black Stains

You can rapidly generate a dramatic impact by employing black or dark-toned protective coatings, including stains and paints. The inherent grain of the wood is typically hidden by painting or staining it. Shou Sugi Ban provides your work with a gorgeous black finish without the need for harmful chemical surface treatments.

  • It Generates Compatible And Antagonistic Mixed Materials

It might take time to determine what materials to use in concepts. Predicting what will and will not work well together may take some time. Black timber cladding reduces this task because it can be combined with various building materials to create almost any architectural style. Shou Sugi Ban may complement any bold, warming, modern, or traditional aesthetic.


Shou Sugi Ban Cladding is highly sought after for its distinctive black charred look and natural properties. The fire treatment gives an additional layer of safeguarding against insect assault and deterioration, which only adds to the endurance of the wood. Furthermore, this black timber cladding is a one-stop shop for any external wall.

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