Some of the best wines to pair with duck dishes that are your favourite!

Duck meat is delicate and soft. Duck is definitely red meat, but it is also poultry, that’s why it possesses characteristics and flavours that are comparable to chicken. This is why it can be paired amazingly with wine. Tons of wine cooler UK companies are running their business nowadays, where you can go and buy a cooler for your home.

Duck flesh, like chicken, gets most of its taste from cooking, especially when cooked on a hot surface when the skin or the exterior section of the meat caramelizes. The sauce and sides will also have a significant impact on the flavour profile of the duck dish that will be cooked and served, so the wine with duck selection will be influenced.

The ideal wine to pair with duck depends on the preparation, but for the sake of simplicity, the following wines are a fantastic place to start.

White Wine and Duck

Duck is often cooked in or served with fruit sauces and glazes. Whenever that is the case, it can be paired exceptionally well with a bottle of white wine that has some hint of sweetness to it. In case you are looking for a perfect white wine match for a much heavier duck meal, go for white wines with more guts, just like oak-aged or from outstanding winemakers.

Some white wines are ideal for the duck!

  • White Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc, especially the off-dry one, pairs surprisingly well with Asian-style duck recipes that are sweeter. With roasted duck, an oaked Chenin blanc is a nice choice. 

  • Burgundy White Chardonnay

 This is a special kind of white wine that can be paired particularly nicely with duck confit.

Duck and Red Wine

When it comes to roasted duck and seared duck breast, red wines are often chevalier. Whenever duck is prepared and served with certain root vegetables like beets, potatoes, or even turnips, you should go for a glass of red wine. 

Let’s take a look at some of our options to pair red wine with duck!

  • Pinot Noir is arguably the safest and tried and true wine to pair with duck. 
  • Gamay is an excellent fruity wine that pairs well with the duck that has a red fruit glaze. 
  • Syrah pairs well with any duck with a pepper sauce or well-crisped skin. 
  • Merlot is required for a duck with plum sauce.
  • Cabernet Franc is fantastic with marinated duck and jalapeno poppers.

Duck with Sparkling Wine

Champagne is an excellent choice as a match for duck because it contains enough acid to cut through the fat. One amazingly tasty combination to devour is a glass of Champagne with duck-based appetizers or Champagne and duck fries. Duck is also an excellent match with sparkling rose.


Always keep in mind to equalize your intensity, while cooking Duck. Although it has a stronger natural flavour than chicken, it is still fowl and you should handle it with great caution. Duck, like chicken, absorbs the taste of the sauce or spice, but when caramelized or braised, it reveals more of its perfume.