Spring Home Decor

When the weather shifts from cold to warm and spring fills the air many homeowners feel the urge to spruce up their homes.  While some homeowners may dive into large renovations, others are looking for projects that require a bit less work.  Small updates to home decor are the perfect way for homeowners to bring spring into their homes.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

   Nothing brightens a room faster than a fresh coat of paint. Spring is the perfect time to update your walls with a new color, especially if you are considering selling this year.  Neutral wall colors are a favorite among homeowners as are light shades of blues and greens.  Living areas and master bedrooms can especially benefit from a new coat of neutral paint with a pop of color on the trim and baseboards.  

Switch Out Throw Pillows

    A bland sofa can be brightened with a few well-placed throw pillows.   But you can add a touch of spring to your home by choosing throw pillows that coordinate with the warmer season. Unlike winter and fall throw pillows that are darker in color, springtime throw pillows are typically pastel or brightly colored shades of blue, yellow, and green.  Once you have switched to spring-friendly pillows, you should change out the pillow covers on your beds for a cohesive spring appearance. 

Lighten Up Your Rugs

    Accent rugs are a perfect way to delineate space and add color to your rooms. During warmer months, you can create a spring feel throughout your home with brightly colored rugs.  Just like throw pillows, spring accent rugs usually contain an assortment of pastels or bright yellows, blues, or greens.  You can add additional spring themes with accent rugs that feature flowers and other spring themes.  In addition to updating your indoor rugs, you should also switch your front and back door welcome mats as well as your outdoor rugs.  Choose durable outdoor mats that can handle a lot of traffic but add to your spring decor.  Your outdoor rugs are a great place to add a lot of colors.  Outdoor rugs can be even brighter than your indoor rugs with bold patterns. 

Bring in Greenery

     The grass is growing and shifting from light pale green to thick rich dark green.  Just because the grass is growing doesn’t mean you can’t add greenery to your home. Potted indoor plants are a great way to bring spring indoors.  Easy to care for indoor plants include golden pothos, English ivy, and snake plants.  As a bonus, these plants can be added to pots of every shape and color.  Vibrant blues and eye-catching yellow pots are perfect accents for neutral rooms that need a bit of color.  Conversely, white and cream pots work well against an accent wall or a room with decorative wallpaper.     Small decorative accents are the easiest way to update your home for spring. Remember spring colors are more vibrant than fall and winter so a few pieces of decor will go a long way.  Choose just a few pieces of decor for each room and in no time you will have a home that exudes the warmth of spring.