The 10 Best Whiteboards For Home Offices

Working from home is undeniably a fact of life for many, and as you try to make your living space successfully double as a full- or part-time workspace, a dry erase board can help. The best whiteboards for home offices will be the correct size for you and easy to set up in your space. You should also choose a dry erase board that aesthetically fits your decor and comes with a layout that will be most helpful to you, whether that’s a traditional blank board or one with a different design (such as a calendar). Some whiteboards also come with extra accessories and organizational features to get you started.

When purchasing a whiteboard to use while working from home, think first about what size you’d like the whiteboard to be. Many whiteboards come in multiple sizes, but you’ll want to make sure the style you’re considering is available in the size you need. Also take a look at how they’re designed to be displayed and double-check that they will work for your space — most options come with hardware to hang the board on a wall, but renters and others who’d rather not make a lot of holes in the wall might prefer one with a stand to hold them upright.

Next, think about if you’d like a blank whiteboard or one with a more distinct format. Calendar whiteboards are available, as are ones with integrated cork boards for tacking up documents or photos. Other more specific styles of dry erase boards, such as adhesive-backed or glass ones, may be best for you functionally or aesthetically — but be aware that these styles often aren’t magnetic like a traditional steel-backed whiteboard.

Orders for whiteboards also offer a range of accessories. Some include dry erase markers, erasers, and magnets so you can get writing and organizing right out of the box. But if you’d rather purchase your own markers, erasers, and other whiteboard extras, stick to one that comes with just the board.

Here are some of the best whiteboards for home offices, ready to make your workspace less like a spare room and more like an actual workspace.

1. The Simple Magnetic Whiteboard With 15,000+ Reviews

  • Available size: 23 x 17 inches

This traditional magnetic whiteboard is perfect for anyone in search of a reliable, blank whiteboard with basic functionality. And at a great price point under $20, it’s a nice little home office upgrade, even if you are unsure if you’ll use it often or if you might be returning to commuting in the future. It’s placed in a white or black wooden frame and comes with a black dry-erase marker (with an eraser cap) and two magnets for paper notes or pictures. It also includes hardware for hanging it either horizontally or vertically.

One reviewer wrote: “I find that in my small home office I was beginning to drown in papers that I need only temporarily. With this magnetic whiteboard I now hang up the papers until I no longer need them then they get filed or shredded. I can write and erase notes on this board which also reduces the paper: win-win for me. One of the best things about this is that I discovered I have a desktop!!”

2. This Combination Whiteboard & Cork Board

  • Available sizes: 24 x 18 inches, 36 x 24 inches

If you’ve been trying to decide between a whiteboard and a cork board, this hybrid option offers the best of both worlds. It features a blank, magnetic whiteboard side and six magnets, as well as 12 colorful pins for the cork board side, making it equally suited for note-taking and hanging papers, notes, and memories. You can choose between a black or silver frame and easily hang the board horizontally or vertically with the adjustable hooks and installation hardware. It also comes with an eraser, three magnetic dry-erase markers, and a detachable tray for holding the accessories.

One reviewer wrote: “I’m so glad that I got this for my home office! It was easy to install, came with push pins, markers, an eraser, and magnets. It’s useful for so many things since it has both corkboard and whiteboard, so I use it every day. It makes my life a little bit more organized. I’m also happy that it’s big enough to write a long to-do list, but not so large that it takes up too much space on the wall. I’d recommend it!”

3. An Editor-Approved Glass Whiteboard That Comes In 5 Sizes

  • Available sizes: 24 x 18 inches, 36 x 24 inches, 48 x 36 inches, 72 x 48 inches, 96 x 48 inches

This glass whiteboard is a sleek and sophisticated touch for your home office space — and it’s super functional to boot. It is not magnetic or framed, opting instead for four silver mounts that add even more visual interest. It’s available in frosted or white glass — both offer a blank slate to write on — can be hung vertically or horizontally, and comes with a removable marker tray. Also included are two magnets made specifically for this board (regular magnets will not work, but you can snag some extra-strong Quartet magnets that will work separately), a dry erase marker, and mounting hardware.

While dry erase markers erase well from glass, they can sometimes appear lighter than on more traditional whiteboard surfaces — with that in mind, some reviewers have recommended using more pigmented wet erase markers (which also require water to erase them) on this board.

Editor’s praise: Jen Fiegel, an editor at Bustle, explains, “I was impressed by how heavy and sturdy this dry-erase board was when it arrived, but it was easy to put up and is the nicest-looking dry-erase board I’ve found.”

4. This Budget-Friendly Calendar Whiteboard With A Cork Board Strip

  • Available size: 16 x 20 inches

This pre-formatted calendar whiteboard has everything you need to keep track of appointments and deadlines, as well as keep notes. It features a month-long calendar with write-in dates, a vertical notes section to the right, and a cork board strip on the bottom. The dry erase surface is magnetic, and it has a marker clip on top. Included with the board are a black dry erase marker with an eraser cap and a magnet.

This whiteboard comes with adhesive for mounting it up on a wall — and reviewers have noted that with the way the back of the frame is designed, it’s difficult to hang with nails or screws. Some shoppers recommend using Command strips instead of the included adhesive so that the board can be more easily removed and/or moved. If you prefer to use hardware, this JILoffice calendar whiteboard and cork board could be a better fit, though you’ll have to spend significantly more for it.

One reviewer wrote: “This has been one of my best purchases for my study. I love how it has a calendar, a notes section, and a section to pin stuff. It has come in handy by keeping me on track with my work. Can’t recommend this enough.”

5. The Stick-On Whiteboard That Doesn’t Require Hardware

  • Available size: 36 x 24 inches

If you want to avoid hanging a blank whiteboard with hardware or want to place it in a unique place such as on a window or door, this stick-on Post-It dry-erase board could be the perfect solution. Per the manufacturer, the adhesive-backed dry erase material can be applied to and removed from a variety of surfaces including painted drywall, finished wood, glass, and painted steel. It comes on a 3-by-3-foot roll, which you can use whole or cut down to your desired size and shape. It’s not magnetic, but it comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning it and reviewers have confirmed that it’s easily removed should you need to move it.

One reviewer wrote: “I missed the white boards in my office but had little space to hang one in my home office. This was a great space-saving option. Easy to stick on and clean.”

6. A Tilted Desktop Whiteboard With Hidden Storage

  • Available size: 18 x 6 inches

Meant to be placed in front of your computer, this slim, slightly tilted glass whiteboard will be there wherever you need to jot down quick reminders, to-do lists, or meeting notes. Underneath the blank, non-magnetic surface, you’ll find a hidden storage drawer where you can keep pens, paperclips, rubber bands, and other desktop goodies close at hand yet out of sight. As with other glass whiteboards, you can use either dry or wet erase markers. One reviewer described using both: “This works great for my desk at work. I drew boxes on it with wet erase markers and write with dry erase, so I can just erase the writing normally, but also clean off the lines if I want. […] I love it.” The whiteboard features a marker holder at the top and comes with a black dry-erase marker with an eraser cap.

One reviewer wrote: “I purchased so that I would have a small, reusable board to keep notes handy or to take quick notes during meetings while working from home. My work space at home does not provide a means to hang a larger dry erase board. This one fits nicely on my small desk, right in front of my monitor pedestal. I like the size and the tray to hold markers, pens, etc. There is also a slide out drawer that can be situated on either end. The drawer is large enough to store small dray erase markets, a small eraser, and/or binder and paper clips, etc. Very sturdy and well made.”

7. This Double-Sided Desktop Whiteboard With A Stand

  • Available sizes: 7 x 11 inches, 10 x 10 inches, 11 x 7 inches, 12 x 12 inches

This compact double-sided whiteboard will be happy to keep you company desk-side, allowing you to take notes and post reminders on both of its magnetic sides. The blank dry erase board rotates thanks to a sturdy frame and stand, which is available in black or silver. You can even choose to hang the board on a wall with screws (not included), if you prefer. It comes in four different sizes and with an eraser and two dry erase markers, all magnetic so they’re easy to keep track of.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a great product perfect for small office cubicles or home offices for short important messages. I have already been using it for a few days and it works well.”

8. A Whiteboard With An Adjustable Collapsible Easel Stand

  • Available size: 24 x 36 inches

For a blank presentation whiteboard that doesn’t require hanging and can easily be taken on-the-go, look no further than this dry erase board on a stand. The magnetic board is oriented vertically, and the stand is both collapsible and height adjustable, as well as available in silver or black. It has rubber feet, a detachable marker tray, and flip chart hooks, and comes with an eraser, three dry erase markers, and six magnets — everything you need to give presentations, lead meetings, or brainstorm solo.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a great whiteboard with your basic functionality and a price that is even better. I was really missing my whiteboard at my physical office. This whiteboard is just the right size to put in the corner of my home office. It comes ready to go with Dry erase markers, an eraser, and even magnets. An added plus is that the legs are adjustable with markings to help you adjust for perfect leveling.”

9. This Large Classic Dry Erase Board

  • Available sizes: 36 x 24 inches, 40 x 30 inches, 48 x 36 inches

If you’d like to really recreate the in-office experience with a traditional magnetic whiteboard in a large size, this one has many of the same features and accessories you’d likely find in a shared workspace. Measuring up to 4 feet wide (though you have three size options), it comes with your choice of a black or silver aluminum frame and has a convenient, removable marker tray. It includes eight magnets, three dry erase markers (black, blue, and red), and hardware for hanging it horizontally or vertically.

Looking to invest in an even larger traditional dry erase board? Try this Dexboard whiteboard that comes in sizes measuring up to 6 feet across.

One reviewer wrote: “Needed a whiteboard in our home office to keep track of jobs and bills and everything in between. This was perfect for our space and everything easily erases off. Very happy with our purchase.”

10. This Unique Board That’s Made Of Glass

  • Available sizes: 35 x 23 inches, 35 x 35 inches, 47 x 35 inches, 70 x 35 inches, 70 x 47 inches

This black glass dry-erase board is basically guaranteed to garner compliments from anyone who sees it over Zoom — it’s just that cool. It’s not magnetic and it doesn’t come with any markers, but it does feature a marker tray as well as mounting hardware, which allows it to hang vertically or horizontally. Since it’s black, the manufacturer recommends using “bright” dry erase markers to make sure they’ll show up. Customers have specifically noted that EXPO’s neon dry erase markers work well. Alternatively, you can use colorful or white wet erase markers.

One reviewer wrote: “Wow!!! My new favorite office addition! Functional, modern sleek design perfect for office or home!”

Also Great: A Multi-Pack Of Colorful Dry Erase Markers

For writing expressively and with precision, consider adding a 12-pack of colorful dry-erase markers to your order. They’re ideal for everything from color-coding your calendar whiteboard and taking organized notes to just having fun. With more than 14,000 reviews on Amazon and an overall rating of 4.8 stars, they’re practically a sure bet.

One reviewer wrote: “The markers are working great on my dry erase board in my home office. I love how I’m able to organize my goals and weekly calendar by color. The colors are vivid! I’ve been using them for several weeks on a frequent basis. So far I haven’t had any problems with them showing signs of getting dried out.”

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