The Confluence of Technology in Brokerage Marketing: A Look at Michael Lewis Marketing Suite and Brokerkit

The Confluence of Technology in Brokerage Marketing: A Look at Michael Lewis Marketing Suite and Brokerkit

In the realm of real estate, the phrase ‘brokerage marketing’ often covers a broad spectrum of activities. From generating client leads to recruiting talented agents, the intricacies involved can be overwhelming for even seasoned brokers. However, with the advent of powerful platforms like the Michael Lewis Marketing Suite and Brokerkit, brokerage marketing has entered a new era of efficiency and effectiveness.

A New Age of Brokerage Marketing

The digitization of real estate has necessitated that brokerages up their game, especially in marketing. No longer can traditional methods alone meet the rising demands of a fast-paced market. It’s now about blending digital prowess with foundational strategies.

The Michael Lewis Marketing Suite: Your Marketing Arsenal

The Michael Lewis Marketing Suite brings an arsenal of marketing tools designed to elevate your brokerage’s visibility. The suite includes digital advertising solutions, direct mail campaigns, and analytics, among other features. Each is designed to provide a holistic approach to your client-focused marketing activities.

Brokerkit: The Recruitment Engine

On the other side of brokerage marketing lies the crucial task of agent recruitment and retention, and that’s where Brokerkit steps in. Its data-driven analytics, automated outreach, and in-depth reporting features make it a must-have tool for any real estate brokerage.

How Do They Complement Each Other?

  1. Unified Strategy: While Michael Lewis Marketing Suite takes care of attracting clients, Brokerkit helps in keeping the agent pipeline full and thriving. Together, they offer a unified strategy that caters to both ends of brokerage marketing.
  2. Data Synergy: Both platforms provide rich data analytics that can help fine-tune your marketing and recruitment efforts.

Leveraging Both for Optimal Results

  1. Prioritize Needs: Understand the specific areas in your brokerage that require immediate attention—be it client acquisition or agent turnover.
  2. Customization: Tailor the features of both platforms to cater to these needs. Both are highly customizable and can be adjusted to fit the specific requirements of your brokerage.
  3. Training: Educate your staff to get the most out of these sophisticated tools. The more adept they are, the better the results you’ll see.


The landscape of brokerage marketing has shifted dramatically with the introduction of specialized tools like Michael Lewis Marketing Suite and Brokerkit. By integrating these platforms into your marketing and recruitment strategies, you can create a more cohesive, efficient, and ultimately, more successful brokerage.

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