The Reasons to Hire a Nanny

Nannies Have Experience

Nannies will often have years of experience with childcare and they may have other educational and professional experience. This will enhance their ability to take care of your child.

There are many overseas nannies who have children in their home countries. These nannies choose to work in another country to provide for their children in their home country. They will generally fund their travels and potentially immigrate at a later date.

Nannies Are Available for Long-term Needs

There are a lot of overseas nannies who stay with a single family for at least two years. There some nannies who stay for even longer so it’s well worth setting up with a payroll service like nanny PAYE.

This is important because it will provide your child with the continuity they need. It will also make the childcare arrangement more comfortable as turnover and transitions are less likely.

Nannies Are Flexible

This is one of the most common reasons given by families who are considering hiring a nanny. It is understandable as raising children while working full-time is not an easy task. Hiring a nanny will provide you with greater flexibility than nursery or another type of caregiver.

It is possible to set the hours for the nanny based on your schedule. Most nannies are used to weekly changes to schedules and are more adaptable than other caregivers. This is ideal if you need to adjust their working hours around something in your schedule.

Nannies Can Help With Housework

One of the greatest benefits of having a nanny instead of a babysitter, or other caregiver, is the fact they will help with the housework as well. This will include the basics of cleaning up after activities with the children as well as their meals. They can also help with the general maintenance of play areas and rooms. Some nannies will also help with other chores as needed.

Nannies Can Live With the Family

Having a nanny living with the family will not only be convenient, but it will also foster a closer bond between the nanny and the family. This will also provide your child with another trustworthy adult that they can rely on. This can help to improve their happiness and safety.

A Nanny Can Help Maintain Your Household

Imagine coming home from work to a clean house with healthy and happy children who are busy with their homework or whatever they should be doing. All you have to do is greet your children and help out with dinner if the nanny has not already taken care of this. This can take a lot of stress out of your life.

Nannies Can Take on the Role of Babysitters

This is possible as long as the role of babysitter does not cause the nanny to exceed their full-time work limits. If you can use your nanny for babysitting, this will eliminate the need to find a part-time babysitter when you need them. This can ease your mind when you have a date night.

Nannies Can Cost the Same as Nursery

With most nurseries , you will pay per child and this can be expensive if you have multiple children. When you hire a nanny, you will not be paying based on the number of children you have.

With daycare, you will also have to pay for a day even when your child does not go because they are sick. When you have a nanny, they will be there to take care of your child whether they are healthy or sick.

Nannies Offer One-on-one Attention

When you have a nanny, your child will be getting individual attention and the care that they need. The socialisation offered by daycare can be appealing, but your child could also feel neglected and reduce the stimulation they have.

A nanny is different because they have made their career out of looking after children and will provide activities that are tailored to the child they look after. This will ensure the activities match the needs of your child and they will be able to adapt the activity and strategies used as needed. This is better than having to rely on what the majority needs.

Nannies Can Be An Extension of the Family

There are a lot of stories of families whose relationships with their nannies have lasted a lifetime. Nannies will love your children and do everything in their power to ensure they are healthy and happy.