Understanding the Differences between Creators and an Influencers

Creating “content” and making it available online is not hard these days – you just need your device and your socials to begin sharing whatever you want to share with the world. However, then a question arises: does it make you a content creator? Moreover, where exactly do you draw a line between a creator and influencer? Knowing what makes both different is quite essential for marketing professionals, so continue to read the following insight to decide which of them is right to execute your marketing campaigns.

Influencers versus Content Creators: What’s the Difference?

  •                     What they do

A creator is someone who creates content for marketing platforms in various platforms, such as websites, blogs, or social media. Their content may be available in the form of text, images, videos, or graphics – depending on their preferred format of creativity.


In the other hand, an influencer is someone who establish following base by posting information, tutorials, or tips in regular basis. They tend to have loyal audiences who pay attention and engage to their recommendations, mostly because of interaction and connection between both sides.


  •                     What they offer

Content creators have knowledge of how to create high-quality and original contents that correlate with the audience. These people have skills and talents not only to produce contents, but also to interpret and integrate the brand’s message in them.


Meanwhile, the power of influencers lies in the influence they have over the audience. Usually, they have significant presence on social media platform in which their followers want to know their opinions about particular issues or objects.


  •                     What they are strong at

Creators are able to construct their contents to relate with audience on multiple layers, whether it is through compelling narrative, visually attractive, problem solving, etc. This ability defines the real value of content creators.


In the meantime, influencers’ expertise is more about their proficiency to interact and engage with the followers. No one knows their following bases better than the influencers themselves to provide the ideas in the way they want.


  •                     How brands can work with them

Say your brand wants to gain traction for new product that’s going to be launched soon. To build the description of the products, establish informative graphics about what the product offers, and design a set of marketing posts, you want to hire a group of creators. Their produced contents are going to be posted in your own platforms.


However, these efforts may not be sufficient to generate the amount of interest you desire. This is the point where you may consider turning to the influencers. After being officially partnered, the influencers will upload posts or talk about your brand’s products or services on their platforms for their audience to hear and check.

A brand can partner with both creators and influencers to provide them with different results of marketing efforts. Note that over time, it’s also possible for creators to become influencers, if they begin to share posts about specific niche or theme to attract audience with common interests. As the brand owner, it is necessary to know what makes both different to build the proper marketing campaign with the right people for your brand.