What Are the Most Popular Cities in Arizona?

If you’re hoping to do more traveling this summer or looking to pick up and start fresh, the desert can be a great experience. During the summer, when there isn’t any school, the weather is at its best, many families decide to spend it traveling the country. Let’s go over the most popular spots in Arizona. 


Tucson is on Top!

Many folks take to the desert to explore the geography of our western states. Tucson is a plain surrounded by several mountains. The vastly flat land surrounded by the peaks of these mountains creates scenic views right from the highway. Catalina Mountain’s highest peak, Mount Lemmon, is 2,791 feet above sea level. It is the southernmost ski destination in the U.S and the second-most populous city in the state.


 Traveling by road to the Midwest and beyond is accessible via route. I-70. Tucson is a stop along this 2,000+ mile interstate. Tucson pulls in numerous tourists looking to bask in the sun and explore the trails, canyons, and the stars. The Saguaro National Park is a popular destination you may cross while traveling. Technically it’s over 91,000 square acres – you’re bound to come in contact with some of this National Park when you’re staying in Tucson.


If you’re reading this because of an interest in moving to Tucson, we have more great news for you. The city has seen significant job growth in the past few decades. The projection is that it will continue down this path. Tucson homes and Tucson apartments for rent continue to average below the national going rate.


Chandler is Not Just a Character on Friends

This suburb has about a quarter-million residents, many of who enjoy outdoor recreation. Chandler is located right outside of Phoenix. A popular spot in the city, Desert Breeze Park draws numerous residents and visitors to the area. There are options for water sports, swimming, and other recreation activities. 


Chandler is known for its passion for motorsports as well. The Horse Pass Motorsport Park has a quarter-mile drag strip, drifting courses, and an off road course. If you’re interested in activities that involve less heavy machinery, check out San Tan Mountain Regional Park. Enjoy hiking or exploring on horseback!


As mentioned above, the deserts in the west are great for stargazers. Many enthusiasts bring their telescopes to the park and view the stars on special nights. And if you’re more into looking up to find birds, then a visit to Veterans Oasis Park. There are over 150 species of birds to look out for here. Birdwatching is a perfect activity for all ages. 

Scottsdale is a Diamond in the Desert

Scottsdale is home to many luxury resorts, huge shopping districts, and more restaurants than you can imagine. These make it a must-stop for many of those traveling through Arizona. It is a prominent retirement suburb and draws in many avid golfers. There are over 200 courses in Scottsdale with some of the most breathtaking greens. Besides being a favorite spot for golfers and retirees, young families also enjoy this affluent suburb. The public schools in Scottsdale are some of the best in the nation. 


There’s plenty to see during your visits. The American West is a huge attraction and some tours take you across the great desert. If you happen to be looking for a thrilling experience, why not explore the desert via a hot-air balloon? While boots are on the ground, check out Pinnacle Peak Park, the Salt River, or the Dixie Mine Trail. 


We think all three of these cities in Arizona are worth looking into for your summer vacation or potential new hometown. These metropolitan and suburban areas are some of our favorites – we hope you check them out when considering Arizona for whatever reasons you’re traveling.