What You Should Know Before Installing HVAC Systems in New Homes

There is always much to consider when building new homes, but often little consideration is given to the type of HVAC system being installed. Builders and homebuyers alike tend to think only in terms of size and energy efficiency, which are important factors, but not the only things to think about. Whether you are a home builder or someone in the market for a new home, here is some of what you should know before installing HVAC systems.

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Four Main Types of HVAC Systems

Are you working with your builder to customize a new home? If so, you might want to know that there are actually four main types of HVAC systems to consider. These would include:

  1. HVAC Split Systems
  2. Hybrid Systems with Heat Pumps
  3. Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump
  4. Packaged HVAC Systems

Of the above, the ones you are probably most familiar with are the HVAC split systems where the compressor and condenser are located outside with the blower and evaporator coil being located on the inside of the home. Hybrid systems work together with a gas, propane or fuel oil furnace to pump heat into the home using the HVAC blower powered by electricity. A ductless mini split system is typically used in situations where a ducted system cannot be installed. In recent years, HVAC engineers are recommending packaged HVAC systems because the entire system is located in one place, unlike the more traditional split systems.

Where Split and Packaged HVAC Systems Can Be Located

As you can see from the above information on the kinds of systems available, you have a wide range of choices where you can have a system installed. Up until quite recently, many homes had a split system with the condenser and compressor being located on the ground outside the home. These can be quite irritating for both the residents of the home and adjacent neighbors because of the noise involved when running the unit. Sometimes the unit can be located on the roof and you will often find newer homes being built this way to reduce the amount of noise you are being subjected to.

Why Packaged Installations Are Preferred

Packaged HVAC units are really preferential for a couple of important reasons. Since they are more compact with everything in the same unit, they save a lot of space. Whether you choose to locate the system on the roof or on the ground outside the home, you will have freed up the space which would have been used for the ‘indoor’ part of a split system. These were traditionally located in the roof area of a home and now that space can be used for other things. In fact, you could even build an extra room or two in the attic if you really wanted to get creative!

All of the above information really only touches on the fact that there is much to consider. Why settle for what your builder uses when constructing a new home when you can tailor heating and cooling to your family’s needs? If noise is an issue, consider a rooftop installation. If you want to use the heat from a furnace, consider a hybrid system with a heat pump. If you can’t decide which is best suited to your needs, consult with an HVAC engineer. It’s your home and this is one decision only you can make.