Why people are choosing decking for their garden, and not the traditional lawn

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In recent years, the idea of a green and pleasant lawn has been slowly dropping out of favour for alternate types of ground coverings. In its place, decks have risen to prominence – and there’s no sign of this trend plateauing any time soon. With increasing awareness surrounding climate change and natural resource conservation, it’s understandable why more homeowners are choosing alternative options when it comes to their outdoor spaces. A grass lawn is one of the biggest uses of water in the average household, with some estimates putting its usage as high as 60% of an entire home’s water bill in warmer climates. It also takes a lot of work to maintain properly, which isn’t always feasible depending on your lifestyle or circumstances. Let’s take a look at why more people are opting for decking over traditional grass lawns…


They’re more durable and long-lasting than grass

Deck boards are naturally weather resistant, which is a big advantage over grass. While grass starts to die off and wither as soon as autumn sets in, wooden decking is able to withstand all four seasons and will last many, many years if maintained correctly. If a wood deck is treated regularly with natural oils, it will be able to resist rot and stay strong and sturdy for decades. Grass lawns will slowly die off each winter, meaning homeowners need to reseed and replace sections of it each spring. This can become a very expensive and time-consuming process, as well as being a very disruptive task that many people don’t enjoy doing. A deck, on the other hand, is much easier and simpler to maintain, requiring only the occasional cleaning and sealing treatment.


They require less maintenance

As we’ve already mentioned, decking requires far less maintenance than a lawn – particularly when you opt for composite decking. No matter how much effort you put into maintaining a lawn, it will always remain a high-maintenance gardening option. Lawns need watering and feeding, as well as regular mowing and weeding. This can become an expensive and time-consuming chore, especially in more temperate climates where the length of the growing season is longer. To grow a strong, healthy lawn, homeowners need to water it regularly, which can be a real chore in itself. If you’re relying on a sprinkler system, you’ll need to set a timer to ensure your lawn is getting enough water. It may also be beneficial to water certain plants at different times of day, as different types of plants prefer different amounts of water.


They help save on water consumption

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a wooden deck over a traditional lawn is the fact that it requires far less water. Lawns are incredibly thirsty plants and need to be regularly watered, especially during periods of extreme weather. In some regions, homeowners are even having to install special systems that collect rainwater to keep their lawns alive. Conversely, decking is less demanding when it comes to water. It doesn’t need to be watered as regularly as a lawn, meaning homeowners can reduce their water usage and save money. This is especially handy in warmer climates where water is a really precious commodity.



Overall, there are a host of benefits to decking over traditional lawns, making it a much more favourable choice for many homeowners. Decking is more durable and long-lasting, requires less maintenance, helps save on water consumption and is better for the environment, making it a more sustainable choice.


If you’re interested in this trending choice for your garden, explore the selection at Deckorum for award-winning composite decking. 

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