Removing a Popcorn Ceiling

Texturizing a ceiling with popcorn was really popular during the 70’s, but as everyone knows, fashion changes from year to year and the popcorn ceiling is unsightly to say the least.  Though no one is having their ceilings lined with a popcorn finish, you can still find them in houses and apartments in every city.

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So how do you get rid of this texturizing?  Well first thing’s first, know your limitations.  If you aren’t the least bit handy then we recommend hiring out a professional drywall repair company to remove it for you.  We called around to several local drywall contractors in Aurora IL and all but one were willing to perform the work.  If you happen to get in touch with a larger company wanting to do larger projects then you can also try reaching out to a local handyman.

Assuming this is a project you are capable of … Read More