4 Furnishing Tips for The Dining Room

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Furnishing the dining room doesn’t need to be just buying a table and chairs. You can look into designer furniture, unique wall art and even some decorative furniture. Here’s a look at 4 furnishing tips to help turn your dining room into the highlight of the home.


You need to be savvy with your space, if you have lots of space then don’t pick small chairs so everyone is really close together, pick some chairs with a wide base.

If you’re looking for practicality than plastic chairs are perfect and you can get plastic chairs in all sorts of colours and shapes that could really make your room. However if you have a luxury dining table then comfy, cushioned wide chairs are perfect but if they could be easily stained, maybe not the best idea if you often have families visiting or you have a large family yourself.


This all depends on the atmosphere you are trying to portray, often a dark opulence can look nice with dark wooden tables and chairs and a golden light, it can make you feel relaxed, intimate and romantic. If your afraid of it looking too dark then you could pick a light metallic wallpaper as a feature wall.

However, if you use your dining room for day to day activities then bright walls and maybe a feature wall often looks nice. Try not to play it safe with all white, it can often look clinical, keep it colourful.

Curtains and Runners

Colourful curtains and patterned runners can really help revamp a plain room, if you want to keep the room minimalistic and whenever you fancy a change it’s cheap and easy to change the curtains and runners. Much cheaper than re-decorating the whole room.

Oversized Art.

Oversized art can come in all shapes and sizes, all of which are very different and can be suited to your dining room. I would aim to put the art at eye-level so people can see it when they are sitting it.


Oversized art can be found everywhere including charity shops, therefore it doesn’t have to cost you lots of money to be effective, it can really add character to a room.

Opposites attract.

Whether its contrasting colour or a combination of old and new, opposite textures or colours really work well. They have an everyday feel and also an appropriate cozy feel. It can also be colour coordinated with the rest of your house but also slightly different in other ways.