7 Types of Cleaning Service You Can Offer Clients

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Running a cleaning business is very lucrative, and easy to start, and most types of cleaning services do not require any special technical skill. The ability to offer a wide range of cleaning services in a particular area is far better than providing just a single cleaning service. 

Imagine losing a client because your cleaning company does not cover sanitization of the house? There are several options available,  this means it would be easy for clients to find cleaning companies. What makes your company different from others should be the type of cleaning service you render. Here are the types of cleaning services you can offer to your clients. 

  1. Commercial Cleaning Services 

This type of cleaning service includes the cleaning of offices, service apartments, and buildings. This cleaning service is very beneficial in big cities because there, you can find big companies that would be interested in the service you render. 

It also requires working on weekends, or days where nobody is around the premises, to avoid distractions while working. Before starting up a commercial cleaning service, some things should be considered.

  • You will have to come up with a good business name 
  • Hire qualified staffs
  • Buy basic cleaning equipment that would enable you with your job
  • Create a website, so you can source for clients online. This is very necessary because we are now in the technological age
  1. Swimming Pool Cleaning Services 

The pool is a go-to place during summertime, that is why most homeowners love having it in their houses, and they would require the help of a cleaner to keep it clean at all times. 

Unlike other types of cleaning services, this requires some level of professionalism, so if you are looking to expand your cleaning business, you must have staff that has experience in this field. 

  1. Car Washing 

In this current time and age, 90{22d08c03c7a24d93e425590ff0824241bdc3a783edadf58e6afae3a272b090fc} of people own their cars, and they need cleaning almost every day. Most car owners find it tiring to wash their cars due to stress from the days’ activities, and only a few are willing to take out time from their busy schedule to do the cleaning. So if you are looking to expand your cleaning business, then you can start up a car wash. 

  1. Residential Cleaning Service 

One good thing about this type of cleaning service is that it is very easy to find clients no matter the competition, a residential cleaner is always needed. This cleaning service may be daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the client. The job description includes; mopping, dusting, vacuuming, fixtures, and so on. 

  1. Sport Cleaning Service 

This includes the cleaning of sports centers. Places like the gym tend to breed bacteria, and spread germs,  hence it needs to be properly cleaned and taken care of. Your duty as a cleaning company would be to sanitize and clean all working equipment, the surfaces, and also the floors. 

  1. Medical Cleaning: This includes the cleaning of hospitals and medical clinics. Most hospitals and clinics have a very high standard when it comes to the aspect of cleaning, hence, You would need to make use of the right cleaning equipment. 
  1. School Cleaning 

This type of cleaning service includes cleaning the classrooms, the desks, and chairs, sweeping the floors, and washing the bathroom. These services can be rendered to both public and private schools. 

If you are interested in expanding and building a successful cleaning company, you must choose the right type of cleaning service to go into.