An Introduction to Your Boiler’s Eco-Mode Setting

If your New Year’s resolution is to be greener this year, read on. Engaging the eco-mode setting on your boiler is the smart way to make a lifestyle change and save money at the same time. If you think eco-mode is too hard to get your brain around, don’t despair. Here’s what it means and why it really is better for you and the environment.


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What is the eco-mode setting?

The eco-mode setting turns off the pre-heating mode on your boiler. That means that your hot water won’t be pre-heated and ready to run as soon as you open a tap.


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If you think you can’t live without hot water on demand, it’s worth knowing that the water will start to heat as soon as you turn a tap on. The average heating time is then just 10 to 12 seconds, so you won’t be waiting around.

How does eco-mode benefit the environment?

Up to two thirds of your household emissions come from your combi boiler. Switch to an A rated condensing combi boiler with eco-mode, and you’ll reduce that figure significantly. Imagine being more sustainable and saving energy at just the touch of a button!

If you don’t know whether your current boiler meets modern standards, check its ERP rating. If this is 92{22d08c03c7a24d93e425590ff0824241bdc3a783edadf58e6afae3a272b090fc} or higher, your boiler is A rated. If it isn’t or you don’t know how to check, book a service with a Gas Safe registered expert. In Gloucester boiler service by a trusted business like HPR will put your mind at rest about the efficiency of your boiler. If yours doesn’t meet the new standards, it might be time for an upgrade.

Will eco-mode save me money?

Eco-mode alone won’t make for huge savings, but as part of an energy saving drive, the impact can be significant. Turning your heating down by just 1 degree, adding extra insulation and investing in double glazing will all bring your bills down.

You may be questioning whether running your water for those 10 to 12 seconds would offset any savings from eco-mode. It’s much cheaper to run your boiler in eco-mode as opposed to the standard or comfort setting, which more than offsets the minimal water wastage – and if you keep a bowl to hand, you can always use it to water the garden!