How to clean windows without streaks – useful tips

How to wash windows? We ask ourselves this question very often when the unmerciful sunshine reveals dirt, dust and streaks on our windows. Nothing can be hidden. How to wash windows like a pro and get rid of such situations?

Sometimes you simply know – it’s a time. Shiny and clean windows are a decoration of a home and this effect not only cheers but also gives you satisfaction and pride. Cleaning windows seems to be very easy, but it’s worth following some hints to do it effectively and effortlessly. What’s worth remembering and how to avoid common mistakes? What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows? Let’s see!

Why are my windows streaky after I clean them?

Some things that we aren’t aware of, very often affect the end result of our cleanup. So what should be avoided to enjoy clean and shiny windows for longer? Why are our windows streaked even though we think we’re doing everything correctly? Maybe we’re making a mistake somewhere? Check it out!

  1. Washing windows on sunny days

Never ever do it again. It seems to be surprising, doesn’t it? But the rule is simple – it shouldn’t be hot and sunny. Why? The water on your windows will evaporate, before you have time to wipe it off. And as the water evaporates, streaks appear… Therefore, cloudy weather is best for cleaning windows.

  1. Using improper materials to dry your windows

Drying your window is the key to the whole successful process. It should be done precisely what’s possible thanks to the right tools and materials. Paper towels? Forget about them. They don’t absorb water well, but smear it on the glass surface. The best solution is to switch into microfiber cloths. They’re soft, so they won’t damage your pane, but most of all – extremely absorbent!

  1. Wrong order of the entire washing process

Washing the panes first and then the frames later seems to be a really bad idea. In such a situation, you add extra work. Nobody wants to see dirty water dripping on a shiny and clean pane. And we know very well that the frame can sometimes be really dirty and sandy. Thanks to the proper order of washing windows, you avoid some additional work and also smudges, which can appear during your corrects. 

How to wash windows without streaking – 3 pro-tips

We already know what to avoid. Now let’s talk about things which are worth taking into account when washing windows. Which things or methods can make our work easier? 

  1. Choose proven streak-free detergents

What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows? Proven, safe and effective products. Some detergents, even those dedicated to window cleaning, may have a tendency to leave streaks. A lot of popular window cleaning detergents also contain extremely harmful chemicals – which we would prefer to avoid, wouldn’t we?

That’s why it’s worth trying solutions that are both effective and eco-friendly. And trusted by professionals – such as for example all natural glass & window cleaner

  1. Let’s modify your technique

How to wash windows without streaks? The answer is – with the „S” technique. What does it mean? 

Up-and-down cleaning technique, which is more common and popular, increases the likelihood of streaks appearing. Therefore, professionals wipe off the glass surfaces making an „S” shape on it. This method is recommended as much more effective. Maybe it’s worth a try? 

  1. Have different perspectives

You can have everything to minimize the risk of streaks – the best detergent, microfiber cloth, you can even invest with a rubber squeegee, which is often used by professionals. But it’s always worth checking the effects of your work – from different perspectives. We often think that the windows seem to be clean, but…  it’s enough to take a step to the side and our expectations clash with reality. It’s better to make corrections actually than to spot smudges in the future… while chilling on the couch, isn’t it?

How to clean windows without streaks? With our useful tips, you can forget about dirty and smudged windows. Make your life easier, your work more effective, and let some light into your home!