Stunning Fencing Ideas for Your Yard

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Fencing ideas are important and beneficial if you want to create a boundary to your lawn or garden or to protect your property. There are a wide range of different types of fences available to match your needs and specifications, which can range from simple wooden boards or posts to modern and well placed electric fences. 

Privacy fences are one of the most popular types of fences, as they give you complete privacy when you want it, but they don’t detract from the attractiveness of your yard or garden and they provide protection in terms of wildlife. Aurora Fence has some great fencing ideas to get you started on creating a private space for you and your family.

Basic Steps:

  • 1: The first thing to consider when thinking of privacy fences is what style you are looking for. Do you want something traditional, such as a white picket fence? If so, then contemporary is the best option for you, with a sleek design and modern qualities. If you want an even more contemporary feel, then a brown picket fence will suit you. You should be able to find all these styles at your local garden centre, so take a look around before deciding on the fence type that you want.
  • 2: Next, you should think about different types of fencing options. Do you prefer something that is pre-built, or do you have the skills and inclination to make your own? Bamboo and lattice work are two popular DIY fencing options, although there are many other styles available as well. Think about the different types of materials available, such as aluminum, vinyl and wood. Again, your local garden centre can help you determine the best material for your yard.
  • 3: When it comes to colour, remember that light and shadow affect the appearance of a paneled fence. If you are planning on making your own privacy panels, then try to avoid dark shades, as they can make a space look smaller. Instead, go for lighter colors, such as white or red. To add some personality to your fence, paint it in bold colours or even create an abstract design with your panels. If you are thinking about privacy, then opt for a lattice style fence. It will block outsiders from entering your yard, but it will also provide a degree of shelter from the elements.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option for your fencing, then vinyl walls may be the way to go. Vinyl walls offer both good insulation and protection from the elements. However, you may find that vinyl walls are a little difficult to install, as they require professional installation. If you would prefer to avoid the expense, then choose traditional wooden posts and fence sections.

Regardless of which type of fencing you choose, be sure to keep in mind that the overall aesthetic effect of your property can have a strong influence on your choice. For instance, if your yard is situated next to a house with very modern styling, you may want to go for a contemporary style of fence. If your home has a traditional look, then wooden fences may be a good choice. It is important to think about how the fence will impact your home’s design before making your final decision.