The Benefits of Heat Recovery Systems in Rented Accommodation

As a homeowner, you have been increasingly interested in heat recovery systems for your own home. However, as a commercial property owner, you might like to explore the benefits of heat recovery systems in rented accommodation. Perhaps you are a landlord letting apartments, or perhaps you own a commercial building being let out to one or more businesses.

Since those units, residential or commercial, all work on the same HVAC system, you are wondering if any of the benefits you have been exploring for your home would prove to be useful for your commercial property. Actually, some of the benefits will be exactly the same, but there are other benefits as well which you may not have considered. Let’s look at a few of them.

Begin with What You Know

You have learned by reading the information on that heat recovery systems, although independent of your furnace, pull warm air as it is flowing through the system to exchange it with cooler air being drawn in in adjacent ducts. The stale air is kept separate from the clean air being exchanged and this allows your heating system to work more efficiently, but with cleaner air. As the air is warmed, it is fed back down those pipes into the unit to then be sent into areas being heated.

The unit doesn’t need to work as hard because the fresh air was pre-heated before being fed into the system. You know that your unit will cost less to run and that air in the building will stay fresh because the stale air is being fed out and fresh air is being drawn in. Those are two of the benefits you’ve learned about in relation to your home and now you see how they can benefit your commercial building in the same way. However, that isn’t all!

A Look at Today’s Tenant

Tenants of today are aware of the fact that we have been systematically destroying the planet. Whether your tenants are residential or commercial, they want to know that they can reduce the amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. It stands to reason that a fuel-efficient furnace will produce fewer greenhouse gases. This is a key issue with today’s consumer focused on sustainability.

Consumers, corporate or private, also want to know that they are breathing clean air devoid of any contaminants. An efficient heat recovery system can provide a continual source of fresh air because stale air is fed out as clean air is brought in. That is huge with consumers in the 21st century and can only help to keep your buildings at full occupancy.

Key Points to Remember

So, you have learned just how beneficial MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery) systems are for your home and now you know they can offer the same benefits for your commercial properties. Whether you provide heat and are looking to reduce operating costs or are seeking ways to increase tenancy, there is no doubt that these benefits will give you the results you are after.