7 Checklist for Hiring a Bookkeeper for a Real Estate Business

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A bookkeeper is an important part of your business as a realtor. The kind of bookkeeper you employ influences the success and development of your business.

There are various factors to consider when hiring a bookkeeper. Some of them will be determined by your taste, but there are some essential qualities you must not sideline if you are in a business to make a profit.

1. Attention to details
To render a professional service, a good bookkeeper must give attention to details; if not, essential documents will be misplaced. The job of a bookkeeper is a sensitive one, missing out on details will affect your business negatively. 

A bookkeeper who lacks this quality will lose some good customers and some money. If you should place anyone you plan to employ as your bookkeeper on 3months probing/examination, where they will be watched carefully, you can also carry out a test on the day of the interview.

2. Must be educated and trained
Bookkeeping involves writing and reading, so an uneducated person is not an option. Aside from being educated he/she must have the required training and certification. The real estate business is a sensitive one that is why you need to make sure your bookkeeper is well trained. Request for an important certificate during the interview and ask questions relating to the job.

3. Tax Preparation and Planning
Although an accountant does more than 50% of the job, a bookkeeper must prepare the company. This shows that he/she must understand the process, how to keep receipts and documents ready. They should be able to work towards tax deadlines.

4. Experienced
The bookkeeper you decide to employ must have experience working in a real estate firm or such. He/she must have the capacity to work in a firm with a size as yours. Experience can sometimes hold us down from improving our old knowledge, anyone you plan to employ must not be rigid or fixated on the cheque ideas. 

You can arrange tests or ask deep questions during the interview to know the level of knowledge of your intended employer. There are some booking software a bookkeeper must know how to use, and a bookkeeper can only handle this well if he/she is experienced.

5. Credit and cash flow management experience
A good bookkeeper must have credit and cash flow management experience and this should be acquired working in a firm bigger or the same as yours. Managing cash flow can be cumbersome and a good level of expertise is necessary. A good bookkeeper should know how to manage money and handle records.

6. Must be organized
It is important to employ a bookkeeper who is organized and neat. Records and receipts must be kept safe and be made available when needed. Accounts must be neat and well written to avoid errors. You should make record-keeping easy for the bookkeeper by providing a shelf or cupboard where items and books can be kept.

7. Must be trustworthy
Bookkeepers keep the sensitive information of the firm. One who is not faithful can make the company go bankrupt.

As a realtor it is important to remember that the position of a bookkeeper is sensitive, it is important to follow the listed qualities when employing one.