I’m an interior designer and there’s one trend you need to avoid at all costs

INTERIOR designer Sophie Robinson shared the one home design trend that she hates, and why you should steer clear of this lighting trend.

Robinson is the new host of Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson, where she admitted that recessed ceiling spotlights are her “biggest bugbears” when it comes to home design trends.

An interior designer says to avoid the recessed ceiling spotlights trend


An interior designer says to avoid the recessed ceiling spotlights trendCredit: Getty
Sophie Robinson is the host of Dream Home Makeovers


Sophie Robinson is the host of Dream Home MakeoversCredit: Instagram/sophierobinsoninteriors

Robinson, who has been in the design industry for over 20 years, said that recessed spotlights in the ceiling look like “developer’s acne,” but still noted that most people use this kind of lighting in their home.

She explained that developers put hundreds of these in a grid, making your room “feel like a fast food takeaway.”

Many people get recessed spotlights in their ceilings to make their home look and feel bigger, as the acne lights save them extra ceiling space.

Despite their benefits, Robinson still said that she “absolutely hates them.”

The expert shared that there is one exception for getting recessed spotlights.

“You can have recessed downlights, just don’t have too many and don’t have them in a grid,” she said.

Downlights are mounted and embedded into the ceilings and illuminate downwards.

She recommended positioning the downlights in areas of the room that you want to highlight.

“Have a downlight over a footstool, over the sideboard, or highlighting a piece of artwork,” she suggested.

The designer also made note that many of the electricians she spoke with said that recessed lights that are not in a grid “don’t look right,” but she still argues otherwise.

There are even more home trends to avoid, as another interiors expert shared three features that instantly make a room look cheap, and one way is all about the color scheme.

Robinson described the light trend as 'developer's acne'


Robinson described the light trend as ‘developer’s acne’Credit: Getty
Recessed ceiling spotlights are Robinson's 'biggest bugbear'


Recessed ceiling spotlights are Robinson’s ‘biggest bugbear’Credit: Getty

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